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Hi-power Inverter Technical specifications:

This specification defines the electrical and mechanical characteristics and requirements for an uninterruptible stored emergency power supply system. The system as specified herein includes all the components required to deliver reliable, high quality uninterruptible power for emergency illumination and related life safety equipment. The system consists of a microprocessor controlled IGBT based PWM inverter, high speed transfer devices, battery charging system, energy storage battery platform, a diagnostic monitoring display panel, and all the related hardware components and software to facilitate a functional centralized system. The emergency power supply system provides immunity from power interruptions. The system includes an uninterrupted, normally on output power section and a normally off standby output power section, thus enabling compatibility with emergency lighting fixtures operating in normally on and standby operating modes with a negligible changeover time. A self-diagnostic monitoring alarm system continuously advises of system status and battery condition.

The system is designed and manufactured to assure maximum reliability, serviceability and performance. The system's microprocessor, IGBT based PWM inverter, battery charger, high speed transfer devices, filtering components, diagnostic monitor display electronics and all other active and passive components shall be installed into one vertical profile, side accessible cabinet. The diagnostic monitor display panel and operational push buttons shall be mounted on the front of the system for easy operation and viewing. The system is furnished with internally located AC input circuit breaker; DC circuit breaker and AC output circuit breaker. All conductors and transformer windings shall be copper constructed. Cabinets shall be constructed of steel, lockable doors for access to all components.

Uninterrupted Emergency Operation: Upon the failure or unacceptable deviation of commercial AC power, battery power is converted by the PWM inverter and filtered through the constant voltage-regulating transformer. There shall be no break or interruption of power to the load upon failure or restoration of the commercial AC power. Any transfer time resulting in a break or loss of power is unacceptable with reference to the uninterrupted output.

Automatic Restart: In the case of a commercial power outage that exceeds the battery run time requirement, the output of the inverter shall shut off, but automatically restart once commercial AC power returns. Recharging of the batteries shall commence immediately.

Input Specifications
· Input Voltage: 170 VAC - 270 VAC for single phase input & 350 VAC - 450 VAC for three phase input.
· Frequency Range: 45 - 55 Hz.

Output Specifications
· Output Voltage:
170 to 270 VAC while on Mains & 230V+/-1% while on batteries for single phase
350 - 450 VAC while on Mains & 415+/-1% while on batteries for Three phase
· Wave form: Sine Wave
· Crest Factor: 3: 1.
· Line Voltage Regulation: +/-3%.
· Load Regulation: Typically better than +/-3%.
· Isolation: Achieved during unit working on Batteries.

Battery Specifications
· Battery backup time: As per requirement
· Battery Type: SMF, Thick Plate, Tubular
· Charger: Full wave, filtered CVCC type for better battery life.
· Recharge Time: 0 - 90% of the charge in 4 -5 hours & 90 - 100 % in 4 - 5 hours.
· Bus Voltage:
1 Ø i/p - 1Ø o/p - 5 KVA - 7.5 KVA = 120 VDC
3 Ø i/p - 1Ø o/p - 10 KVA - 15 KVA = 180 VDC or 240 VDC
3 Ø i/p - 3Ø o/p - 30 KVA - 100 KVA = 360 VDC or 384 VDC

Performance Specifications
· Overload Capability: 120% for ten minutes.
· Frequency Stability: +0.1 Hz on batteries.
· Efficiency: Not less than 90% under full rated load.

Environmental Specifications
· Operating Temperature: 0 to 40 degrees Celsius
· Storage Temperature: -20 to 50 degrees Celsius.
· Relative Humidity: 95% non-condensing.
· Elevation: 5,000 feet, 1,500 meters.
· Audible Noise Level: Not greater than 50 dba.

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